Celebrating the Life and Work of John F. Nash, Jr.


Sylvia Nasar, author of "A Beautiful Mind" speaking at "Celebrating the Life and Work of John F. Nash, Jr." on October 24, 2015. (Photo credit: C. J. Mozzochi)

The Mathematics Department of Princeton University hosted a “Celebration of the Life and Work of John Nash” on October 24, 2015. In the morning and early afternoon, there were mathematical lectures on Nash’s work by Eric Maskin, Sergiu Klainerman, Mikhail Gromov, and János Kollár, followed by a public lecture by biographer Sylvia Nasar and a remembrance service in the University Chapel. Please see the event’s webpage for further details.

The following film by Ekaterina Eremenko was produced by EEFilms in cooperation with SFB TRR 109 (DGD), for the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters in connection with the 2015 Abel Prize. (Used by the Simons Foundation with permission.)


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