The 2018 Fields Medal Award Videos Released

The Simons Foundation is pleased to present videos highlighting the winners of the 2018 Fields Medals. These prestigious awards, given once every four years by the International Mathematical Union, are sometimes referred to as the ‘Nobel Prize’ of mathematics. Winners, who must be 40 years of age or under, have included Terence Tao, Maryam Mirzakhani and Maxim Kontsevich.

In these four-minute videos, you see the personal side of the winners — Caucher Birkar, Alessio Figalli, Peter Scholze and Akshay Venkatesh — as they describe their inspirations, goals and process for doing math. Bicycles seem to be important in facilitating that process.

The videos, which premiered at the opening ceremony of the International Congress of Mathematicians on August 1, were created by Old Bridge Media, led by creative director, John Hubbell, who served as writer and senior producer. Lance Murphey was cinematographer, field director and (licensed) drone operator. Meredith Hogan and Jennifer Smart provided business management, video editing and illustrations. Jonathan Kirkscey composed the music, and Kevin Houston was audio engineer. Philip Yam of the Simons Foundation served as executive producer.

Incognito: How the video team of Lance Murphey, Philip Yam and Meredith Hogan actually met a Fields Medal winner for an interview.

Filming began in mid-March and wrapped up in early June. The awards are a carefully guarded secret  — the winners remain anonymous until the big event, and they do not know who else won. As a result, the team kept a low profile, although disguises proved to be unnecessary.

All the Fields Medal videos are collected on this page.

In addition, the foundation produced four other awards videos for the congress. These videos will be added to the page after they premiere at the congress, which runs through August 9. They are:

  • Nevanlinna Prize (won by Constantinos Daskalakis)
  • Gauss Prize (David Donoho)
  • Cherns Prize (Masaki Kashiwara) and
  • Leelavati Prize (Ali Nesin).


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