Carter Institute of Journalism at New York University

December 2015 - Present

The Carter Institute of Journalism at New York University trains scientists to write engagingly for mass audiences, and trains journalists to cover science with precision and nuance as well as passion. With support from the Simons Foundation, the institute is expanding its four-week science communication workshops, which have already trained more than 500 science doctoral students, postdocs and medical students in the basics of effective science writing for lay readers. The foundation’s support will also enable the institute to begin training senior scientists, starting this fall. In addition, the Carter Institute is creating new opportunities for science journalism graduate students to collaborate with scientists in ways that both reflect and anticipate shifts in communications technology. The institute will also expand its efforts to bring preeminent science communicators, both scientists and journalists, to NYU for evening conversations that will be streamed live on the institute’s website. The initial speaker lineup includes Particle Fever director Mark Levinson, Harvard geneticist George Church, New York Times special projects writer Amy Harmon and climatologist Gavin Schmidt.


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