Biophysical Modeling Group Meeting

Date & Time

 Speaker: Leroy Jia 

Topic:  The role of monolayer viscosity in Langmuir film hole closure dynamics

We re-examine the model proposed by Alexander et al. (2006) for the closing of a circular hole in a molecularly thin incompressible Langmuir film situated on a Stokesian subfluid. For simplicity their model assumes that the surface phase is inviscid which leads to the result that the cavity area decreases at a constant rate determined by the ratio of edge tension to subfluid viscosity. We reformulate the problem, allowing for a regularizing monolayer viscosity. The viscosity-dependent corrections to the hole dynamics are analyzed and found to be nontrivial, even when the monolayer viscosity is small; these corrections may explain the departure of experimental data from the theoretical prediction when the hole radius becomes comparable to the Saffman-Delbruck length. Through fitting, we find the edge tension could be as much as eight times larger (~5.5 pN) than previously reported under these relaxed assumptions.

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