BPM Seminar: Bryan Kaye

Date & Time

Presenter: Bryan Kaye, Chief Executive Officer, CrossnoKaye

An industrial automation company that develops control systems and algorithms that employ quantitative models of large facilities to optimize their energy usage. Bryan received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard University studying microtubule nucleation in the meiotic spindle under Professor Daniel Needleman.

Turning large industrial facilities into electrical grid assets.
On the electric grid, power generation must match power demand at all times. As power generation from solar and wind sources increase, there is less control over when power is generated. Energy storage can alleviate this imbalance, but traditional energy storage technologies remain cost prohibitive and environmentally taxing. Here we show how we have used software to turn existing industrial facilities into cost-effective grid-scale batteries using a technique called thermal flywheeling. This technique involves quantitative modeling of facilities, casting these models into scalable optimization frameworks, and deploying the resulting control schedules to facility equipment.

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