CCA Seminar (Adrian Liu Talk)

Date & Time

Data-driven Approaches to Radio Cosmology

Radio astronomy is experiencing a renaissance, with new low-frequency datasets potentially exceeding modern cosmological datasets by a factor of ~1000 in size. In this talk, I will use the emerging field of 21cm cosmology as a case study of this trend. First, I will give a brief overview of current and upcoming results in 21cm cosmology, showcasing its ability to constrain the properties of the first galaxies. I will then lead a discussion of the following questions:
—How does one faithfully incorporate the peculiarities of low frequency radio interferometry into power spectrum pipelines for 21cm cosmology?
—Given incomplete data, what do statistical methods have to say about the most fundamental question in survey science: “What does the sky look like in all directions at all frequencies?”
—Can emulators be used to speed up semi-analytic simulations of reionization?
—What is the future of 21cm cosmology?

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