CCA Seminar (Peter Capak Talk)

Date & Time

Modeling the Galaxy Population Using Big Data Techniques

Several major galaxy surveys are being planned for the next two decades that promise to produce rich data sets for billions of galaxies. Advanced computational tools will be needed to optimally extract and interpret information from these surveys. This talk will show how Dr. Capak has applied advanced computational (big data) techniques to characterize the galaxy population in order to optimize cosmological measurements, and identify key samples of objects for detailed studies. Specifically, he will show applications to measuring redshifts for weak lensing cosmology and extracting galaxy properties to understand early galaxy formation. While powerful, big data techniques are often miss-applied. He will highlight the importance of understanding the underlying physics problems and working across fields to implement solutions. He will conclude by giving an overview of the new computational tools needed to extract information from the next generations of surveys.

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