CCB Brown Bag Seminar

Date & Time

1st Presenter: Wen Yan, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Biophysical Modeling

Topic: Failures and lessons: the flip side of developing aLENS

This short talk is a companion to my recent Flatiron Seminar which introduced the scientific part of aLENS. I will briefly review some non-scientific lessons learned from the designing, maintaining, and marketing of aLENS. I will start from the clash between different philosophies of aLENS and other computing software in this field. Then I will share failures and lessons learned from the high developer and user barriers of aLENS. In the end I will briefly discuss some fundamental problems of developing HPC software for science.


2nd Presenter:  Olga Troyanskaya, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Genomics

Topic: TBA



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