CCB Seminar: Dr. Madhav Mani

Date & Time



Madhav Mani, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics
Northwestern University

About the Speaker

I am trained as an applied mathematician and physicist, and I have been interested in biology for a long time. While continuing to develop my strengths in computation and theory, I enjoy working very closely with experimentalists and the data they generate in the lab. Having a broad background in the physical and mathematical sciences I let the nature of the data and collaboration be my guide.

Why Biology? The phenomena manifest in living systems are amongst the most fascinating in the universe. Our abilities to image and sequence cells and tissues are giving us an unprecedented view into the complexity of life. This data is quantitative, high-dimensional, and, to a large extent, remains intractable. To leverage these technologies to the maximum will require, I believe, new computation, new mathematics, and perhaps even new physics. For those of us that are well-versed in the mathematical and physical sciences, and like solving hard problems, biology is the field to be a part of in the 21st century.

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