CCB Seminar: Weight loss dependent and independent effects of bariatric surgery (Danny Beh-Ziv, Hebrew University of Jersualem)

Date & Time

Speaker: Danny Beh-Zvi, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Topic: Weight loss dependent and independent effects of bariatric (weight loss) surgery

Bariatric, AKA weight-loss surgery, is an aggressive yet effective treatment for obesity, in which most of the stomach is excised or completely bypassed together with the proximal intestine. Surgery leads to a drastic change in endocrine signaling and systemic metabolism which affects nearly every system in the body. My lab uses mouse models of bariatric surgery, patient biopsies and modeling to study glucose regulation, adaptation of the gastric mucosa, gut hormonal signaling, neural reward pathways, central metabolism in hepatocytes and regulation of embryo size. I’ll discuss the latter two in the seminar, and will be happy to discuss these and other topics before/after the seminar.

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