Horizon Collaboration Annual Meeting

  • Organized by
  • Yan-fei Jiang, Ph.D.Associate Research Scientist, Planet Formation, CCA, Flatiron Institute
Date & Time

  • Participantsplus--large
    Anatoly Spitkovsky
    Andrew Chael
    Archie F.A. Bott
    Bart Ripperda
    Benjamin Ryan
    Charles Gammie
    Chris White
    Eliot Quataert
    Evan Yerger
    George Wong
    Jason Dexter
    Josh Dolence
    Kyle Parfrey
    Lev Arzamasskiy
    Patryk Pjanka
    Sasha Philippov
    Sean Ressler
    Yajie Yuan
    Yan-Fei Jiang
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