Hormone Circuits Interest Group

Date & Time

Speaker: Christopher Park, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Genomics

We’ll talk a little more on the glucose-insulin circuits, then I’ll go over the paper I mentioned last time that dives into the question about how hormone secreting organs (w/ actively dividing cells) potentially deal with mutants? Are there any additional mechanisms that might be out there like “glucose toxicity” observed in insulin secreting Beta-cells? Furthermore, the question is related to why do we observe autoimmune diseases (e.g. Type 1 diabetes) for certain tissues/organs more frequently attacked by our immune system, but very rarely observed for others?

Paper link:

The group will focus on studying *hormone circuits*, which impact so much of human biology, disease
(e.g. diabetes, depression) and behavior.

No background is needed. The overall goal is to:
1) gain background knowledge
2) brainstorm project ideas
3) find collaborative opportunities.

Our hope is that FI collaborations and even cross-interest group collaborations (e.g. comp. vision, microscopy, modeling) will ultimately lead to developing new approaches and insights.

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