New on PubMed: A Selection of Recently Published Papers from SCGB Investigators

Each month, SCGB scans PubMed for interesting papers from the SCGB community and beyond.


Angular velocity integration in a fly heading circuit.

Elife 2017 May 22

Turner-Evans D, Wegener S, Rouault H, Franconville R, Wolff T, Seelig JD, Druckmann S, Jayaraman V.


A dedicated network for social interaction processing in the primate brain.

Science 2017 May 19

Sliwa J, Freiwald WA.


Automatically tracking neurons in a moving and deforming brain.

PLoS Computational Biology 2017 May 18

Nguyen JP, Linder AN, Plummer GS, Shaevitz JW, Leifer AM.


Representations of Novelty and Familiarity in a Mushroom Body Compartment.

Cell 2017 May 18

Hattori D, Aso Y, Swartz KJ, Rubin GM, Abbott LF, Axel R.


A Map of Anticipatory Activity in Mouse Motor Cortex.

Neuron 2017 May 17

Chen TW, Li N, Daie K, Svoboda K.


Dopaminergic modulation of basal ganglia output through coupled excitation-inhibition.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2017 May 15

Budzillo A, Duffy A, Miller KE, Fairhall AL, Perkel DJ.


Whole-brain serial-section electron microscopy in larval zebrafish.

Nature 2017 May 10

Hildebrand DGC, Cicconet M, Torres RM, Choi W, Quan TM, Moon J, Wetzel AW, Scott Champion A, Graham BJ, Randlett O, Plummer GS, Portugues R, Bianco IH, Saalfeld S, Baden AD, Lillaney K, Burns R, Vogelstein JT, Schier AF, Lee WA, Jeong WK, Lichtman JW, Engert F.


Multiplexed Spike Coding and Adaptation in the Thalamus.

Cell Reports 2017 May 9

Mease RA, Kuner T, Fairhall AL, Groh A.


Ring attractor dynamics in the Drosophila central brain.

Science 2017 May 4

Kim SS, Rouault H, Druckmann S, Jayaraman V.


Noise-enhanced coding in phasic neuron spike trains.

PLoS One 2017 May 4

Ly C, Doiron B.


Maintenance of persistent activity in a frontal thalamocortical loop.

Nature 2017 May 3

Guo ZV, Inagaki HK, Daie K, Druckmann S, Gerfen CR, Svoboda K.


A normalization model suggests that attention changes the weighting of inputs between visual areas.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2017 May 1

Ruff DA, Cohen MR.


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