Biophysical Modeling: Publications

Flexibly imposing periodicity in kernel independent FMM: A Multipole-To-Local operator approach
W. Yan, and M. J. Shelley.
arXiv: 1705.02043 (2017).

Analytical structure, dynamics, and coarse-graining of a kinetic model of an active fluid.
T. Gao, M. D. Betterton, A. Jhang, and M. J. Shelley.
arXiv: 1703.00969 (2017) to appear in Physical Review Fluids.

A fast platform for simulating semi-flexible fiber suspensions applied to cell mechanics.
E. Nazockdast, A. Rahimian, D. Zorin, and M. J. Shelley.
Journal of Computational Physics, 329: 173–209 (2017).

Forces positioning the mitotic spindle in the cell; Theories, and now experiments.
H. Wu, E. Nazockdast, M. J. Shelley, and D. Needleman.
BioEssays: 1600212 (2016).

The dynamics of microtubule/motor-protein assemblies in biology and physics.
M. J. Shelley.
Annual Reviews of Fluid Mechanics, 48: 487-506 (2016).

Actomyosin-driven left-right asymmetry: from molecular torques to chiral self organization.
S. R. Naganathan, T. C. Middelkoop, S. Fürthauer, and S. W. Grill.
Current opinion in cell biology, 38: 24-30  (2016).

C. elegans chromosomes connect to centrosomes by anchoring into the spindle network.
S. Redemann, J. Baumgart, N. Lindow, S. Fürthauer, E. Nazockdast, A. Kratz, S. Prohaska,
J. Brugues, M. J. Shelley, T. Mueller-Reichert.
bioRxiv: 060855 (2016).

Cytoplasmic flows as signatures for the mechanics of mitotic positioning. 
E. Nazocadast, A. Rahimian, D. Needleman, and M. J. Shelley.
arXiv: 1511.02508 (2015).

Active contraction of microtubule networks.
P. Foster, S. Fürthauer, M. J. Shelley, and D. J. Needleman.
eLife, 4: e10837 (2015).