Grants to Institutions


Targeted Grants to Institutes
(RFA Opens Summer 2017)

The program is intended to support institutions in the mathematics and physical sciences through funding to centers of excellence, to help establish scientific culture and strengthen contacts within the international scientific community.


NSF-Simons Research Centers for Mathematics of Complex Biological Systems

The National Science Foundation and the Simons Foundation shall jointly sponsor new research centers for mathematics in biological sciences at distinct geographical locations in the United States to facilitate innovative collaborations among groups of mathematicians, statisticians and biologists.

Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing

In 2012, the Simons Foundation awarded funding for the establishment of a new Institute for the Theory of Computing at the University of California, Berkeley.

SITOC_logo In 2013, the Institute launched a new website, which features current program and activities, workshops and symposia, and information on the solicitation of proposals to run programs at the Institute.

Math+X: Encouraging Interactions

The Simons Foundation’s Math+X program is designed to encourage novel collaborations between mathematics and other fields in science or engineering by providing substantial operating funds to create new chairs at U.S. universities that join mathematics departments with chosen partner departments through matching grants for endowment.

Africa Mathematics Project
(RFA Closed)

The Simons Foundation desires to foster and nurture the development of high-quality mathematical research, not only in the United States, but also throughout the world, Africa in particular. The Project is designed to support the best mathematical talent in these countries, allowing researchers to more fully realize that talent through supported mathematical research in their home academic environments.

The foundation has awarded three grants in 2013, each 80,000 USD per year for five years, to research groups in mathematics at three universities in diverse regions across sub-Saharan Africa. A similar second round of five-year grants, comprised of new awards and/or award renewals, will be considered for 2017.