Galactic Superwinds: Beyond Phenomenology

April 24-30, 2016

Andrew Benson, Carnegie Observatories
Juna Kollmeier, Carnegie Observatories

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The focus of this second symposium revisited the physics of birthing, launching and sustaining galactic superwinds in cosmological calculations. Since our first symposium, our participants had made significant advances in understanding the multiphase wind medium both theoretically and observationally. The aim of this symposium was to lay bare the main physical hurdles remaining in a proper physical and mathematical treatment of galactic superwinds, particularly in light of recent observational advances.

Agenda & Slides

J. Kollmeier & A. Benson:
C. Steidel, C. Martin, T. Heckman:
Observations I (PDFs: Martin; Heckman 1,2,3)
N. Murray & A. Stutz:
Observations II
C. Tremonti:
Observations III
E. Ostriker:
SF Calculations/Hydro I (PDF)
M. Krumholz:
SF Calculations/Hydro I (PDF)
E. Quataert & R. Crain:
SF Calculations/Hydro I (PDF)
T. Thompson & E. Scannapieco:
Winds/Feedback I (PDF)
Guided Hike to Partnach Gorge
R. Davé: & F. van de Voort:
CGM Structure (PDF)
J. Schaye, V. Springel, N. Katz:
Large-scale Hydro II (PDF)
B. Robertson & D. Keres:
Large-scale Hydro II
Note: Robertson slides available sans animation (PDF) or with animations (PDF).
Observational Challenges
R. Bower:
Theoretical/Numerical Challenges
D. Weinberg:

Download full schedule (PDF).


Andrew Benson Carnegie Observatories
Richard Bower University of Durham
Rob Crain Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands
Romeel Davé University of the Western Cape
Tim Heckman Johns Hopkins University
Neal Katz University of Massachusetts
Dusan Keres University of San Diego
Juna Kollmeier Carnegie Observatories
Mark Krumholz UC Santa Cruz
Crystal Martin UC Santa Barbara
Norman Murray Canadian Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics
Eve Ostriker Princeton University
Eliot Quataert UC Berkeley
Brant Robertson University of Arizona
Evan Scannapieco Arizona State University
Joop Schaye Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands
Volker Springel Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies
Chuck Steidel California Institute of Technology
Amelia Stutz Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie
Todd Thompson Ohio State University
Christy Tremonti University of Wisconsin
Freeke van de Voort UC Berkeley
David Weinberg Ohio State University

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