Our mission is to unlock scientific thinking by engaging everyone with the process of science.

sci·en·tif·ic think·ing n.: A decision-making process that is driven by curiosity, contingent upon asking questions, and informed by reliable evidence.

Scientific thinking is for everyone, everywhere, every day. We believe that it’s part of everyone — an innate ability. It’s not something we need to teach.

We need to unlock it.

You don’t have to be a scientist to think like a scientist. We believe that empowering more people to use science as a tool for making better decisions can have far-reaching positive effects throughout society.

Science is a fluid, ever-changing process of exploration, experimentation and learning that simply does not follow a straight path. Science is inherently unpredictable. It’s surprising. Confusing. Engaging. Creative.

We are champions and advocates of innovators seeking to reach the greatest number of people possible — especially those least impacted by traditional science education. We provide a mix of resources that amplify our awardees’ impact: funding, mentorship, networking support and help in building awareness.

Science Sandbox isn’t just a source of funding for worthy projects. We are an active, collaborative partner helping to push meaningful science engagement forward.




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