Mariano Gabitto, Ph.D.

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Mariano Gabitto is a Guest Researcher at the Center for Computational Biology. Gabitto earned his Ph.D. in computational neuroscience at Columbia University, where he focused on the probabilistic modeling of spinal interneuron development. He holds an M.Sc. in physics from the University of California San Diego and a Licenciatura in physics from the University of Buenos Aires.

Gabitto’s research focuses on applying statistical, computational and machine learning methods to decipher how network of genes and molecules within cells interact to give rise to the cellular diversity observed in organisms.

Google Scholar profile here 
Machine learning conference in Buenos Aires here.

Selected Publications

M. I. Gabitto, A. Pakman, J.B. Bikoff, L.F. Abbott, L. Paninski. Bayesian Inference of Spinal Interneurons Reveals Diverse and Spatially Clustered Cell Types. (2016) Cell, 165, pp 220-223.

J.B. Bikoff, M.I. Gabitto, Drobac E., Machado T., Miri A., M. Mentis, Jesell T.M. V1 Interneuron diversity reveals motor pool and joint-specific spinal inhibitory microcircuits. (2016) Cell, 165, pp. 207-219.

X. Chen, M. I. Gabitto, Y. Peng, N. Ryba, C.S. Zuker. A gustatory map of taste qualities in the mammalian brain. (2011) Science, 333 1262-1266.

T. Komiyama, T. Sati, D. O’Connor, Y. Zhang, D. Huber, B. Hooks, M. I. Gabitto, K. Svoboda. Imaging motor cortex ensemble activity in mice performing a learned choice behavior. (2010) Nature 464, 1182-1186.



Ph.D., Neuroscience
Columbia University, New York, NY

M. Sc., Physics
University of California, San Diego, CA

Licenciatura, Physics
University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Arg.





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