Maxwell Kounga

Stanford University

Maxwell Kounga is a rising sophomore at Stanford University majoring in human biology with a concentration in neurobiology and a minor in computer science. Maxwell is originally from New Berlin, Wisconsin, where he attended Eisenhower High School, and it was there that he fostered his love for the sciences. During his senior year he took courses at the local Marquette University, garnering an appreciation for neuroanatomy and the inner workings of the brain. As he transitioned to Stanford he continued to look for opportunities to develop his newfound interest in neurobiology. His involvement with the Raymond lab as of March 2021 solidified his desire to pursue a research career. Maxwell hopes to continue with this passion this upcoming year as he works with Sriram Jayabal to better understand the synaptic workings of meta-learning.

Mentor: Sriram Jayabal

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