Mitra Javadzadeh No

University College London

Mitra Javadzadeh No completed her undergraduate studies in electrical engineering, and currently she is pursuing her Ph.D. in neuroscience at the Sainsbury Wellcome Center. She studies the long range communication between cortical visual areas and how visual processing is shaped by the dynamic flow of information between these areas.

Principal Investigator: Sonja Hofer

Co-mentor: Joaquín Rapela

Fellow: Aishah Qureshi

“Characterization of long-range cortical communication using optogenetic manipulations and advanced statistical models”
The joint computational and experimental mentors of this proposal investigate together how populations of neurons in different visual areas of the mouse brain directly influence the activity of each other. For this purpose, we are using and developing state-of-the-art experimental (e.g., optogenetic manipulations and multi-area population electrophysiological recordings) and statistical (e.g., latent linear dynamical models) methods. We can now precisely quantify how visual areas influence the activity of each other, which has opened many new research questions.

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