Zachary Whipps

Project Coordinator, Cosmology X Data Science/Simons Observatory , Flatiron Institute

Zachary Whipps joined the Center for Computational Astrophysics as a Project Coordinator for Simons Observatory. Zachary received his B.A. degree in Physics from Cornell University in May 2020. While there he acted as a research assistant for both the Astronomy Department and the Cornell Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics. He has also conducted research at NASA JPL and CalTech. Previously, Zachary was also an Animator for the Casper Planetarium where he animated and produced shows about cosmology, exoplanets, and galaxies, which shipped to planetariums internationally. In 2017, Zachary won 1st place at the Cornell Mathematical Modelling Competition; and in 2018 he was honored at the RIT Hackathon for “Best Use of Google Cloud Platform.”

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