Manjul Bhargava, Ph.D.

Visiting Scholar, CCM, Flatiron Institute

Manjul Bhargava joined the Flatiron Institute’s Center for Computational Mathematics in September 2019 as a Senior Research Scientist and is currently a Visiting Scholar. Bhargaval is also the Brandon Fradd Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University. In 2018, he was named the first Distinguished Chair for the Public Dissemination of Mathematics at the National Museum of Mathematics. Along with numerous awards, Bhargaval was awarded the 2014 Fields Medal. Bhargava pursues algebraic number theory and the geometry of numbers in the tradition of Gauss and Minkowski. Bhargava is also passionate about transforming the educational system in India to make math and science accessible for all. Bhargava holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Princeton University and A.B. in Mathematics from Harvard University.

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