Richard Xu

Student, Scientific Computing, New York University

Richard Xu is currently pursuing a M.S. in Scientific Computing student at New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He is currently working on his master’s thesis with Dr. Mitya Chklovskii on using an information theory based objective to derive a biologically plausible neural network for principal subspace learning.

Before coming to Flatiron, Richard was a Modeling, Analysis and Theory Intern at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle working on simulating large scale neuronal networks at multiple levels of resolution. As an undergraduate, he worked in the Rinzel Lab at NYU’s Center for Neural Science on a dynamical model for auditory beat generation. Richard completed his undergraduate degree at NYU’s Stern School of Business in Mathematics and Business. Next summer, he will be at the Janelia Research Campus in Virginia as a participant in their Undergraduate Scholars Program.

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