Conference Spotlight: Cosyne 2018

Check out these talks, tutorials and workshops featuring investigators from the Simons Collaboration on the Global Brain.

Cosyne Main meeting
Denver, Colorado


Thursday March 01, 2018


Friday March 02, 2018

9.15a Unsupervised discovery of neural sequences in large-scale recordings. Emily Mackevicius, Andrew Bahle, Alex Williams, Shijie Gu, Natalia Denissenko, Mark Goldman, Michale Fee

11.30a Social behavior shapes hypothalamic neural ensemble representations of conspecific sex. Ryan Remedios, Ann Kennedy, Moriel Zelikowsky, Benjamin Grewe, Mark Schnitzer, David Anderson

3.15p Dopamine neurons projecting to the tail of the striatum reinforce avoidance of threatening stimuli. William Menegas, Korleki Akiti, Naoshige Uchida, Mitsuko Watabe-Uchida

4.15p Marlene Cohen, Understanding the relationship between neural variability and behavior (invited)

5.15p Shared stochastic modulation can facilitate biologically plausible decoding. Caroline Haimerl, Eero Simoncelli


Saturday March 03 2018

8.30a Byron Yu, Brain-computer interfaces for basic science (invited)

9.15a Learning can generate new patterns of neural population activity. Emily Oby, Matthew Golub, Jay Hennig, Alan Degenhart, Elizabeth Tyler-Kabara, Byron Yu, Steve Chase, Aaron Batista

9.30a Control of sensorimotor dynamics through adjustment of inputs and initial condition. Evan Remington, Devika Narain, Eghbal Hosseini, Mehrdad Jazayeri

11.30a Predictive coding of novel versus familiar stimuli in the primary visual cortex. Jan Homann, David Tank, Sue Ann Koay, Alistair M. Glidden, Michael J. Berry II

3.00p A relational odor map in piriform cortex. Stan Pashkovski, Guliano Iurilli, Sandeep Datta

5.15p Propagation of spike timing and firing rate in feedforward networks reconstituted in vitro. Jeremie Barral, Xiao-Jing Wang, Alex Reyes

6.00p SCGB Computational + Experimental Matchmaking.
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Sunday March 04, 2018

9.15a Orbitofrontal and parietal contributions to economic decisions in rats. Christine Constantinople, Charles Kopec, Carlos Brody

9.30a Widespread cortical involvement in evidence-based navigation. Lucas Pinto, David Tank, Carlos Brody, Stephan Thiberge

9.45a Principles governing the integration of landmark and self-motion cues in entorhinal cortical codes for navigation. Malcolm Campbell, Samuel Ocko, Caitlin Mallory, Surya Ganguli, Lisa Giocomo

11.30a Motor preparation through rebound in an identified sensory integrator. Maarten Zwart, En Yang, Ziqian Wei, Nikita Vladimirov, Sujatha Narayan, Minoru Koyama, Ahmed Abdelfattah, Jonathan Grimm, Luke Lavis, Eric Schreiter, Takashi Kawashima, Shin-ichi Higashijima, Shaul Druckmann, Misha Ahrens

2.00p A cross-species analysis of accumulation of evidence under non-sensory uncertainty and its modulation by the prefrontal cortex. Pietro Vertechi, Eran Lottem, Dario Sarra, Beatriz Godinho, Isaac Treves, Tiago Quendera, Matthijs Oude Lohuis, Zachary Mainen

2.15p Individual animals use distinct strategies in a changing spatial memory task. David Kastner, Anna Gillespie, Peter Dayan, Loren Frank


Cosyne Workshops
Breckenridge, Colorado

Monday, March 5

Cortical circuits: functions and models of long-range connections

Organizers: Florin Albeanu, Alex Kwan, Seung-Hee Lee, Leopoldo Petreanu

Summit gallery, Peaks 9, 10
09.45–10.15a Peter Latham, A probabilistic top-down approach for demixing odors

RNNs: What are we doing and why?

Organizers: Andrea Benucci, David Sussillo

Summit gallery, Peaks 11, 12
09.05–09.40a Dan Yamins, Convolutional recurrent network models of ventral stream neural dynamics

05.10–05.45p Byron Yu, Low-dimensional population activity in recurrent spiking networks

06.05–06.40p Mehrdad Jazayeri, Relating sensorimotor timing to brain dynamics: Insights from integrating recurrent neural networks with electrophysiology

Model-Based Cognition: Hierarchical Reasoning and Sequential Planning

Organizers: Kevin J. Miller, Braden Purcell, Kimberly L. Stachenfeld, Bas van Opheusden, Roozbeh Kiani

Breckenridge ballroom, Peak 16
09.10–09.40a Roozbeh Kiani, Hierarchical decisions about choice and change of strategy

SCGB Computational + Experimental Matchmaking.

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Note: this event is full but a waiting list is available. Contact Kim Scobie at [email protected]


Tuesday, 06 March 2018

Brain-wide neuronal dynamics and inter-area communication: recordings, analysis, and theory – Day 2

Organizer: Anna Ivic Jasper and João Semedo

Summit gallery, Peaks 6, 7, 8
04.30–05.10p Brent Doiron, Internally generated variability and the propagation of information across brain areas

05.10–05.50p Bijan Pesaran, Neural coherence during coordination and decision making–correlations and causation

06.45–07.25p Mark Churchland, Division of labor between the hemispheres during movement generation

RNNs: What are we doing and why?

Organizers: Andrea Benucci, David Sussillo

Summit gallery, Peaks 11, 12
08.25–09.00a Larry Abbott, Untangling in recurrent networks and motor cortices

10.00–10.35a Maneesh Sahani, Describing non-linear latent dynamics

10.40–11.15a Surya Ganguli, TBD

04.55–05.30p Valerio Mante, Inferring neural dynamics from trial-by-trial variability in population responses

Manifold-splaining: what the theorist said to the experimentalist

Organizers: Amelia J. Christensen, Adam Calhoun

Breckenridge ballroom, Peak 14
10.45–11.15a Jonathan Pillow, New tools for finding manifolds underlying simultaneously recorded spike trains

04.30–04.40p Adam Calhoun, MANIFOLDS