Center for Computational Astrophysics

The Center for Computational Astrophysics's mission is to create new computational frameworks that allow scientists to analyze big astronomical datasets and to understand complex, multi-scale physics in a cosmological context.

Increasingly more sophisticated ground-based observatories and space missions are collecting data to make tremendous discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics, but to make those discoveries will require the combined power of theory, data analysis and simulation. CCA’s mission is to develop the computational tools needed for these simulations and analyses.


Research Highlights

Observational constraints on the physical nature of submillimetre source multiplicity: chance projections are common

C. Hayward, S. C. Chapman, C. C. Steidel, A. Golob, C. M. Casey, D. J. B. Smith, A. Zitrin, A. W. Blain, M. N. Bremer, C.-C. Chen, K. E. K. Coppin, D. Farrah, E. Ibar, M. J. Michałowski, M. Sawicki, D. Scott, P. van der Werf, G. G. Fazio, J. E. Geach, M. Gurwell, G. Petitpas, D. J. Wilner

Interferometric observations have demonstrated that a significant fraction of single-dish submillimetre (submm) sources are blends of multiple submm galaxies (SMGs),…

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