Supported Projects

DEI supports projects in many different areas across disparate platforms — including informal education experiences, live science events, film and other media productions, and awareness campaigns. Below is a list of current and past projects funded by DEI.

Stony Brook Simons STEM Scholars Program

A program to help train the next generation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics leaders.

With the Simons Foundation’s $56.6 million gift, the Stony Brook Simons STEM Scholars Program will provide scholarships, housing and stipends to 50 new, underrepresented students each year in the STEM fields.

Astrophysics Master Program

A new Astrophysics master’s program designed to prepare students from all backgrounds to excel in astronomy and physics doctoral programs as well as STEM careers.

With the generous support of the Simons Foundation, the CUNY Graduate Center is introducing a comprehensive and fully funded Astrophysics master’s program that alleviates the financial and educational impediments that hold back many aspiring scientists.

CUNY Graduate Center Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences

Funding student fellowships and programming at the Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences.

The Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences at the CUNY Graduate Center endeavors to develop concise and compelling mathematical descriptions of the natural world by promoting collaborative, cutting-edge research in theoretical science disciplines ranging from biophysics to artificial intelligence. A grant of just over $900,000 from the Simons Foundation will allow the institute to expand its programs and reach, and provide opportunities for CUNY doctoral students.

Exceptional Scholars Workshop – Mentoring BIPOC Leaders in Life Science & Biomedical Sciences

A workshop that seeks to increase diversity among faculty members in the life and biomedical sciences.

The Rockefeller University’s Exceptional Scholars Workshop seeks to increase diversity among faculty members, with a specific focus on individuals of racial, ethnic and/or disadvantaged backgrounds, and individuals with disabilities and other groups that are underrepresented in the life and biomedical sciences. This program provides a venue for mentorship and training of postdoctoral fellows from underrepresented groups to help these individuals excel during the faculty search and interview process.

GEM Fellowship

Supporting 500 underrepresented researchers to pursue PhDs in STEM fields.

The Simons Foundation has awarded the National GEM Consortium $11 million to support 500 of the best and brightest underrepresented researchers to pursue PhDs in STEM fields, including Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Mathematics.

With the support of the Simons Foundation, GEM will fully sponsor the academic work of 100 fellows every year over the next five years leading up to the organization's 50th anniversary. Fellows supported by the grant will not only receive financial sponsorship but will have access to internship opportunities with one of the GEM consortium's over 70 industry members, in an effort to provide practical and career experience to shorten the time between academia and the workplace.

Meyerhoff Scholars Program

The Meyerhoff Scholars Program focuses on highly able students who aspire to become leading research scientists and engineers. The program is open to people of all backgrounds committed to increasing the representation of minorities in science and engineering.

The Simons Foundation and its sister organization, Simons Foundation International, have pledged $2.5 million over five years to support the Meyerhoff Scholars Program. Continued partnership between UMBC and Simons will also generate opportunities for program alumni and support Meyerhoff replication efforts at other institutions.

For almost 30 years, the Simons Foundation has worked to support advances in mathematics and basic science by funding external scientists and, more recently, through research at its own Flatiron Institute in New York City. Simons has also done outreach work through the Math for America program, which seeks to enhance the math and science literacy of children in New York City public schools. The gift to UMBC, however, represents a new emphasis on supporting the development of a diverse pipeline of STEM professionals.

Team-Up Together Initiative

An initiative by the American Institute of Physics and key physics & astronomy societies, which aims to double the number of African Americans graduating with undergraduate degrees in physics and astronomy by 2030.

TEAM-UP Together, a new initiative by the American Institute of Physics and key physics and astronomy societies, boldly takes the first steps toward achieving a goal of doubling the number of African Americans graduating college with undergraduate degrees in physics and astronomy by 2030. The AIP Foundation has secured a $12.5 million, five-year game-changing grant from the Simons Foundation and Simons Foundation International in support of this AIP federation action.

TEAM-UP Together will launch in 2022 with the aim of providing both direct financial support to students and grants to physics and astronomy departments that are committed to changing the lived experience of their African American students.
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Undergraduate MATHFest

An annual, three-day meeting that encourages students to pursue advanced degrees in mathematics and mathematics education. The conference is geared toward undergraduates from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), although all are welcome to attend.

The Simons Foundation pledge of $100k over 2 years will impact 150 undergraduate students who will attend the MathFest meeting.

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