Software Engineer, CCM
Full-time|New York, NY

CCM seeks a full-time software engineer and scientific programmer to help build, improve, and support high-quality, open-source software libraries relating to efforts within the center.  Areas of interest include scientific computing, partial differential equations, neuroscience, imaging, machine learning, statistics, signal processing, fast algorithms, and mathematical libraries. For some of the packages currently under development, see:
The Software Engineer will:
 • implement, test and optimize mathematical, statistical, and machine-learning algorithms, in languages such as C, C++, Python, MATLAB, and Fortran
 • develop interfaces, packages and installers, documentation, user support, and training courses;
 • develop user interfaces and collaborate with SCC and other centers within Flatiron and the larger scientific community and
 • lead and improve open-source software practices.
The Software Engineer will report to a Research Scientist at CCM and will join a growing team of developers within CCM and the other centers across Flatiron Institute. The position will be based, and have a principal office, at the Simons Foundation in New York City.

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Application deadline: Rolling
Summer Research Assistant/Associate, CCM
Full-time|New York, NY

Applications are invited for paid, full-time research internships at the Center for Computational Mathematics (CCM) in all our active areas of research. CCM is one of five centers of the Flatiron Institute, an internal research division of the Simons Foundation. Our mission at CCM is to create new mathematical approaches, algorithms and software to advance scientific research in multiple disciplines, often in collaboration with other Flatiron Centers.

Tremendous opportunities exist at the intersection of mathematics, computer science, statistics, and their scientific applications, with the lines between theory, algorithm development and software implementation often blurred. Beyond the creation of new simulation and analysis methods, a major goal of CCM is to make these methods available to the scientific community. The Center also hosts an array of meetings, workshops and conferences, serving as a focal point for the field internationally.

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Application deadline: January 15, 2023
Flatiron Research Fellow, CCM
Full-time|New York, NY

Applications are invited for postdoctoral Flatiron Research Fellowships (FRF) at the Center for Computational Mathematics (CCM), in the Flatiron Institute, in all our active areas of research. These include:
 • machine learning, especially the areas of optimization, learning theory, probabilistic modeling, deep learning, and high dimensional data analysis, as well as applications of scientific interest at Flatiron (e.g., cosmological modeling, quantum many-body systems, computational neuroscience)
 • statistical methodology, modeling, and inference
 • probabilistic and differential programming
 • computational physics, including statistical mechanics, biophysics, fluid mechanics, quantum physics, and molecular dynamics
 • numerical methods for partial differential equations and integral equations
 • signal and image processing, with a particular focus on structural biology
 • high-performance computing and open-source software librariesnumerical analysis, including numerical linear algebra and high-order methods
 • high performance computing and open source software libraries

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Application deadline: December 15, 2022
Research Scientist / Data Scientist, Open Rank, CCM
Full-time|New York, NY

Applications are invited for scientists at all levels of seniority at the Center for Computational Mathematics (CCM) in all our active areas of research. These include numerical analysis and partial differential equations; high-performance computing and software libraries; signal and image processing, especially in neurophysiology and structural biology; visualization of complex scientific data; computational physics, chemistry and biology, including statistical mechanics, biophysics, fluid mechanics and molecular dynamics; machine learning for scientific applications; probabilistic and differential programming; statistical methodology, modeling and inference; and mathematics, algorithms and optimization for deep neural networks.

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Application deadline: January 15, 2023
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