Biophysical Modeling

The Biophysical Modeling group focuses on the modeling and simulation of complex systems that arise in biology and soft condensed matter physics.

Areas of interest include the dynamics of complex and active materials, and aspects of collective behavior and self-assembly in both natural systems (e.g., inside the cell) and synthetic ones. Our approach is based on mathematical modeling and analysis, the development and application of software tools for large-scale biophysical simulation, and close collaboration with experimentalists.

Research Highlights

Morphogenetic degeneracies in the actomyosin cortex

Sundar Ram Naganathan, S. Fürthauer, Josana Rodriguez, Bruno Thomas Fievet, Frank Jülicher, Julie Ahringer, Carlo Vittorio Cannistraci, Stephan W Grill

One of the great challenges in biology is to understand the mechanisms by which morphogenetic processes arise from molecular activities.…


Group Members

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