Center for Computational Biology

The Center for Computational Biology develops new and innovative methods of examining data in the biological sciences whose scale and complexity have historically resisted analysis.

CCB’s mission is to develop modeling tools and theory for understanding biological processes and to create computational frameworks that will enable the analysis of the large, complex data sets being generated by new experimental technologies.


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March 2021

Research Highlights

mRNA-1273 efficacy in a severe COVID-19 model: attenuated activation of pulmonary immune cells after challenge

M. Meyer, Y. Wang, D. Edwards, G. Smith, A. Rubenstein, P. Ramanathan, C. Mire, C. Pietzch, X. Chen, Y. Ge, W. Cheng, C. Henry, A. Woods, L. Ma, G. Stewart-Jones, K. Bock, M. Minai, B. Nagata, S. Periasamy, P. Shi, B. Graham, I. Moore, I. Ramos, O. Troyanskaya, E. Zaslavsky, A. Carfi, S. Sealfon, A. Bukreyev

The mRNA-1273 vaccine was recently determined to be effective against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) from interim Phase…

bioRxiv 2021.01.25.428136


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