The mission of the Flatiron Institute is to advance scientific research through computational methods, including data analysis, modeling and simulation.

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Our Centers

Scientific Computing Core

The Scientific Computing Core (SCC) is the technical backbone of the Flatiron Institute.

It develops, deploys and maintains computational infrastructure — from supercomputers to desktop PCs — dedicated solely to the use of Flatiron researchers.

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A major effort of the Flatiron Institute is the development and support of high-quality, open-source software for research.

Research Highlights

High-Density, Long-Lasting, and Multi-region Electrophysiological Recordings Using Polymer Electrode Arrays

J. E. Chung, H. R. Joo, J. L. Fan, D. F. Liu, A. Barnett, S. Chen, C. Geaghan-Breiner, M. P. Karlsson, M. Karlsson, K. Y. Lee, H. Liang, J. Magland, J. A. Pebbles, A. C. Tooker, L. Greengard, V. M. Tolosa, L. M. Frank

The brain is a massive neuronal network, organized into anatomically distributed sub-circuits, with functionally relevant activity occurring at timescales ranging…


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