Biomolecular Design The theory of protein folding explains how a disordered chain of amino acids spontaneously adopts a well-defined three-dimensional structure in water. The ultimate test of a theory is its successful application to the design of new physical systems with new, desired properties. In the Biomolecular Design Group, we apply the theory of protein folding to design new heteropolymers that fold into well-defined three-dimensional structures with new, useful functions, but which are built from exotic chemical building-blocks that go beyond the 20 canonical amino acids that make up natural proteins.
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  • Cosmology Researchers at the Center for Computational Astrophysics (CCA) stand at the forefront of advancing our understanding of the universe by melding cutting-edge machine learning and data science techniques with profound cosmological inquiries. In an era where cosmology is undergoing a transformative shift, this group spearheads the development of pioneering algorithms and innovative conceptual frameworks that are tailored to the increasingly complex cosmological datasets. Harnessing the collective power of ground-based and space-based telescopes furnished with progressively sensitive cameras and instruments, researchers at CCA are at the vanguard of endeavors such as SDSS, Vera Rubin Observatory, Euclid, SPHEREX, HIRAX and Roman Space Telescope.
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  • Stars and Plasma Astrophysics The Stars & Plasma Astrophysics (SPA) Group is dedicated to developing the theoretical framework and computational methods necessary to investigate the life and death of stars, as well as the astrophysics of neutron stars and black holes. The group’s goal is to enhance our comprehension of the physics of stars, their explosive deaths, and the compact remnants they leave behind. To achieve this goal we develop theoretical and computational models of stars and stellar explosions, as well as plasma in extreme conditions, that can be tested by new observations.
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