2023 Simons Foundation Annual Report Now Available Online

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Funding Opportunities

Our grantmaking efforts focus on mathematical and physical sciences, life sciences and autism research.

Society of Fellows

Founded in 2014, the Simons Society of Fellows is a community of scholars that encourages intellectual interactions across disciplines and across research centers in the New York City area.

Senior Fellows are distinguished scientists based in New York City. Junior Fellows are outstanding young scientists who receive support from the foundation for three years to conduct independent research at an institution of higher learning in New York City, with no teaching obligations.

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What We're Reading

July 13

The Biggest Problem in Mathematics Is Finally a Step Closer to Being Solved, Scientific American

Number theorists have been trying to prove a conjecture about the distribution of prime numbers, called the Riemann hypothesis, for more than 160 years. Now, mathematicians Larry Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and James Maynard of the University of Oxford have posted a sensational new finding on the preprint server arXiv.org that could be a breakthrough in making progress on resolving the conjecture.

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