Center for Computational Neuroscience

Understanding the human brain is one of the greatest and most challenging scientific frontiers of our time. CCN’s mission is to develop models, principles and conceptual frameworks that deepen our knowledge of brain function — both in health and in disease.

CCN takes a “systems" neuroscience approach, building models that are motivated by fundamental principles, that are constrained by properties of neural circuits and responses, and that provide insights into perception, cognition and behavior. This cross-disciplinary approach not only leads to the design of new model-driven scientific experiments, but also encapsulates current functional descriptions of the brain that can spur the development of new engineered computational systems, especially in the realm of machine learning. CCN currently has research groups in Computational Vision and Neural Circuits and Algorithms, and will launch research groups in NeuroAI and Geometry and Statistical Analysis of Neural Data in January 2022.


Collaborative Work

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