Astrophysical Data and Surveys

The environment of NGG 1277. Credit: SDSS Collaboration

The Astronomical Data group develops and maintains advanced tools for the astrophysics community, especially ones for building probabilistic models and making precise measurements. It builds these tools by carrying out in-house data analysis projects that answer important scientific questions.

Currently the team is concentrating on extrasolar planet discovery and characterization, precision measurement of stellar chemical abundances, and precise mapping of the Milky Way and of large-scale cosmological structure. As new data become available and the challenges evolve, so will the scope of the work. By sharing all its results, and by developing and maintaining open-source software, the Astronomical Data group directly supports scientific reproducibility and open science. The group structures its activities around people, mentoring, education, and career development.

Group members are involved in planning and operating several large data-intensive projects, including the Terra Hunting Experiment and Sloan Digital Sky Survey.


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