Scientific Computing Core

The Scientific Computing Core (SCC) is the technical backbone of the Flatiron Institute. It develops, deploys and maintains computational infrastructure — from supercomputers to desktop PCs — dedicated solely to the use of Flatiron researchers.

The SCC also creates and disseminates software tools for the wider computational science community, with the goal of ensuring that technology is not the limiting factor of scientific progress. Powering the work of the Flatiron Institute is a high-performance computer cluster designed, deployed and maintained by SCC. It comprises 91,000 cores, 300 GPUs, and 34 petabytes of raw storage, with plans to add 20,000 cores in the near future. A second cluster with 41,000 cores, 128 GPUs and 16 petabytes of raw storage is located at and co-managed by the San Diego Supercomputer Center at the University of California, San Diego. In addition, SCC works with vendors and other computing facilities to make new technologies available for experimentation by Flatiron Institute researchers.

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