Funding Opportunities

Important Dates

SCPAB Transition to Independence Award

The Simons Collaboration on Plasticity and the Aging Brain (SCPAB) Transition to Independence Award aims to facilitate the transition of the next generation of outstanding scientists from historically underrepresented groups to research independence in the field of cognitive aging.

Shenoy Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Neuroscience (SURFiN)

The goal of the Shenoy Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Neuroscience (SURFiN) Program is to spark and sustain interest in neuroscience among undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds underrepresented in neuroscience research. SURFiN provides funds and programming for undergraduate research assistants (fellows) to work in-person in Simons Foundation-supported neuroscience laboratories under the mentorship of graduate students and…

SCPAB Research Awards – 2020 Extension RFA

This RFA is by invitation only. We are soliciting progress reports and proposals for two years of further funding to expand and develop previously funded SCPAB Awards. These proposals should build on ideas generated in the first three years of SCPAB award funding.
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