Scientific Computing Intern, SCC
Full-time|New York, NY

The Scientific Computing Core (SCC), co-led by Nick Carriero and Ian Fisk, manages supercomputing resources and provides high performance computing (HPC) expertise to all centers at the Flatiron Institute, a division of the Simons Foundation, developing tools broadly useful to the scientific community as a whole.
As new GPUs become available from different vendors comes the question for programmers developing scientific software to choose the tools to port their applications to the new architectures. Several standardization attempts have been made before, but none came to fruition. However, with the most recent supercomputers installed all using a novel architecture, this has greatly renewed interest in this field.
SCC is seeking a Scientific Computing Intern to apply their software engineering skills to assess the programmability of the different available tools, as well as benchmark the resulting programs on a practical problem. The focus will be on dense linear algebra. The selected candidate will have a chance to test and use modern GPU equipment, along with advanced programming models. They will be on SCC premises daily to meet with their advisor, collaborate with scientists from a broad range of disciplines, present their progress, and participate in discussions. At the completion of their projects, they will present their work orally and potentially prepare a research paper.

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Application deadline: February 1, 2023
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