CCA Colloquium

Fall 2021 Schedule

September 10, 2021Joel PrimackNew Challenges in Cosmology, Galaxy Formation, and Planet Habitability
September 17, 2021Jen van SadersMaking Sense of Stellar Rotation in Low Mass Stars
September 24, 2021Kevin SchlaufmanExoplanet Host Star Age Inferences and Their Impacts on Models of Planet Formation and Evolution
October 8, 2021Gelu NitaThe Generalized Spectral Kurtosis Estimator: A Review of Its Statistical Properties and Applications
October 22, 2021Erin Kado-FongStructure, Feedback, and Formation: Dwarf galaxies in the Wide-Field Era
October 27, 2021Bruce DraineA New Model for Interstellar Dust: “Astrodust” + PAHs
November 3, 2021Saul TeukolskyThe Coming Revolution in Computational Astrophysics
November 18, 2021Jo DunkleyThe Millimeter Sky from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope
December 17, 2021Dan HuberTBD

Past CCA Colloquium Schedules

  • Spring 2021plus--large
    January 22, 2021Sarbani BasuThe Sun in Time and Other Mysteries
    January 29, 2021Mike BlantonGalaxies Near and Far with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
    February 5, 2021Nick BattagliaConstraining Galaxy Formation and Baryonic Effects on LSS with Observations of the Thermal and Kinetic Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effects
    February 12, 2021Andrei BeloborodovMagnetic power in the universe of bright transients
    March 12, 2021Barry McKernanDecoding Galactic Architects: What Can We Learn About AGN From The Things In Them?
    March 19, 2021David SchwabEntropic forces from noisy training in overparameterized neural networks
    March 26, 2021Lam HuiWave Dark Matter
    April 2, 2021Laura NewburghNew Probes of Old Structure: Cosmology with 21cm Intensity Mapping
    April 16, 2021Jeremy TinkerHow much control does dark matter have over galaxy formation?
    April 23, 2021Rachel Bean”Testing gravity with large scale structure”
    May 7, 2021Mary PutmanThe Local Gaseous Universe
    May 21, 2021Karin ÖbergAstrochemistry and the Compositions of Planets
  • Fall 2020 plus--large
    September 18, 2020Marilena LoverdeMining The Cosmic Web
    September 25, 2020Stephon Alexander The Story of a Halo: Chern-Simons Theory, Cosmic Inflation and Dark Genesis
    October 9, 2020Johanna VosThe Story of a Halo: Chern-Simons Theory, Cosmic Inflation and Dark Genesis
    October 16, 2020Saavik FordAGN disks have things in them--and those things are important
    October 23, 2020Matias ZaldarriagaModeling the clustering of matter on large scales: progress and recent results
    October 30, 2020Sarah MillhollandTidal Sculpting of Short-Period Exoplanets
    November 6, 2020Andrei GruzinovNon-Gibbs Statistical Equilibrium of Star Clusters
    November 20, 2020Yacine Ali-HamoudInsights into searches for the nanohertz gravitational-wave background with a Fisher analysis
    December 11, 2020Racheal RoettenbacherMaking Use of Imaged Spotted Stellar Surfaces
    December 18, 2020Frans PretoriusNon-linear Black Hole Ringdown
  • Spring 2020 plus--large
    January 31, 2020Gwen EadieAstrostatistics in the Era of Large Surveys: from the Milky Way to individual stars
    February 7, 2020Saurabh JhaWhite Dwarf Supernovae: Astrophysics and Cosmology
    February 21, 2020Matteo VielHydrogen as a Cosmological Probe
    March 13, 2020Mary Putman
    March 20, 2020Dan Huber
    March 27, 2020Bruce Draine
    April 3, 2020Risa Wechsler
    April 17, 2020Joel Primack
    April 24, 2020Samaya Nissanke
    May 1, 2020Jen van Saders
    May 8, 2020Janna Levin
    May 29, 2020Charlie Conroy
  • Fall 2019 plus--large
    September 27, 2019Anthony PullenIntensity Mapping to probe the Interstellar Medium
    October 11, 2019Zoltain HiamFormation and Growth of Massive Black Holes
    October 18, 2019Jenny GreeneDwarf Galaxies and Their Black Holes
    October 25, 2019Maryam ModjazStellar Forensics with the most powerful explosions in the Universe
    November 8, 2019Jess WerkThe Circumgalactic Medium
    November 15, 2019Rosalba PernaMergers of Compact-Objects In the Gravitational Wave Era
    December 13, 2019Volker SpringelHydrodynamical galaxy formation simulations: Current results and future prospects
    December 20, 2019Beth WillmanTBD
  • Spring 2019plus--large
    January 25, 2019Doug KotheDelivering on the Exascale Computing Project Mission for the U.S. Department of Energy
    February 1, 2019Andrew MacFadyenGas dynamics and electromagnetic signatures of gravitational wave sources
    February 8, 2019Max GaspariRaining on Galaxies and Black Holes: Unifying the Micro and Macro Properties of AGN Feeding and Feedback
    February 15, 2019Sarah BallardLifetimes of Planetary Systems around Small Stars
    February 22, 2019Reinhard GenzelTesting General Relativity with Infrared Interferometry in the Center of the Milky Way
    March 8, 2019Josh PeekKinetic Tomography, Spiral Structure, and the Perseus Illusion
    March 15, 2019Gwen RudieThe Circumgalactic Medium of Star-Forming Galaxies at 2
    March 22, 2019Rachael BeatonEngineering the Measurement of the Hubble Constant
    March 29, 2019David KippingExomoons and other strange transit signals
    April 5, 2019Lorenzo SironiFast and furious: magnetic reconnection in relativistic jets and black hole corona
    April 12, 2019Michele CappellariStudying galaxy evolution with integral-field spectroscopy
    April 26, 2019Kathryn JohnstonTBD
    May 10, 2019John WiseThe First Stars, Black Holes, and Galaxies in the Universe
    May 17, 2019Mark KrumholzStar formation, turbulence, transport, and feedback: towards a unified model for the dynamical state of galactic discs
    May 31, 2019Sara EllisonGalaxy mergers in the nearby Universe
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