Data Sharing Initiatives

The SCGB supports a number of efforts to develop and improve data sharing tools and expand access.

Neurodata Without Border Neurodata Without Borders (NWB):
Development of MatNWB: The SCGB is supporting a project to develop and expand MatNWB, a Matlab-based API for the latest version of NWB. This will help a larger portion of the neuroscience community to adopt these tools.
Support for NWB 2.0 Adoption: The SCGB is supporting several pilot projects helping individual labs adopt NWB2.0, the latest version of NWB. The goal is to develop tools that lower barriers to use and will eventually help many labs adopt NWB.
DataJoint Neuro DataJoint Neuro and NWB:
DataJoint and NWB Harmonization Project: The SCGB is supporting a project to help make NWB and DataJoint compatible. Specifically, this project is developing DataJoint pipelines that are consistent with the NWB format. This will facilitate 1) moving high-value data into NWB2.0-compatible DataJoint pipelines, 2) easy export of the data into NWB2 format from the DataJoint pipelines, 3) documenting the workflow in Jupyter notebooks, 4) demonstrating use of DataJoint pipelines and NWB2 data by providing code for producing some key figures from the published papers, 5) making relevant code available on Github, and 6) making the NWB2 data available on
International Brain Lab
Hardware for IBL Data: The SCGB has purchased hardware to house and provide access to the brainwide activity map being collected by the International Brain Laboratory. The servers are housed and maintained at the San Diego Supercomputing Center.

For more on data-sharing, see our series ‘The Data Sharing Problem in Neuroscience’.

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