Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis and Physics Holds 2020 Annual Meeting Online

The Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis, and Physics met remotely on September 9 to provide research highlights from the past year. Director Robert Bryant provided a collaboration overview, while Bobby Acharya gave a talk on the collaboration’s progress in connections of special holonomy with physics and Simon Donaldson gave a talk on differential geometric developments in special holonomy involving gluing, singularities, collapsing, and flows. The meeting was complimented by a Simons Foundation Lecture given by S.-T. Yau entitled “Existence of Canonical Metrics in Non-Kähler Geometry”.

An online workshop was held on September 14, 16 and 18, titled “Special Holonomy: Progress and Open Problems 2020”.

A report on the past years’ activity may be viewed here. The workshop’s full agenda, abstracts, and talk videos may be viewed at the collaboration’s website, here.

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