Machine Learning at the Flatiron Institute Seminar Series

ML@Flatiron is a seminar series focused on machine learning and its applications to science. It is aimed at Flatiron Institute research scientists and our collaborators. Seminars usually take place on every other Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. in the CCN classroom on the fourth floor of 160 Fifth Ave. Each seminar is followed by a reception to encourage intercenter interactions.

For more information, to join the seminar mailing list or to propose speakers for future seminars, please contact the organizers: Shirley Ho, Siavash Golkar, Anna Dawid or Michael Eickenberg.

Spring 2023 Schedule

February 7, 2023Chirag ModiReconstructing the initial conditions of the Universe
March 7, 2023Jean PoncePhysical models and machine learning for Photography and Astronomy
March 14, 2023Ching-Yao LaiPhysics-informed neural networks for fluid and ice dynamics
April 11, 2023Laure ZannaMachine learning for climate modeling
April 18, 2023Tammy KoldaGeneralized tensor decomposition: Utility for data analysis and mathematical challenges
April 25, 2023Dmitri KochkovNumerical methods + ML for simulation of turbulent systems
May 2, 2023David HoggIs good machine learning bad for science?
May 8, 2023Eero SimoncelliTBD

Past Series

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