CCM Seminar Schedule

Our seminar focuses on efficient computational methods for numerical problems, mostly phrased in a mathematical language, arising in areas of science throughout the Institute and beyond. Topics include signal processing and data analysis (neural spike sorting, cryo-EM, imaging); computational statistics (Bayesian, MCMC, variational, robust inference, microbiome); deep learning (equivariant networks); PDEs (fluid flow, wave scattering), integral equations, spectral methods, fast algorithms (i.e., close to optimal complexity); software libraries and programming. We discuss research topics as well as review classical topics in numerical analysis and statistics.

Time: 10am-11:30am on Wednesdays, unless as announced.

Location: 162 Fifth Avenue, 3rd-floor classroom / Virtual.

All from Flatiron are welcome, and guests from outside must arrange a visitor’s pass.

Fall 2021 Schedule

September 15, 2021Boris LandaStandardizing the Spectra of Count Data Matrices by Diagonal Scaling
September 29, 2021Andrew GiulianiState redistribution methods for hyperbolic problems on cut cells grids
October 6, 2021Nir SharonTBD
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