CCQ Quantum Cafe Schedule 2017

Date Speaker Title
September 13, 2017 Margaret MurnaneAttosecond science: revealing new insights into the dynamics of interacting many-particle quantum systems
October 4, 2017 Zhi-Xun ShenCooperative Interactions as a Pathway to High Temperature Superconductivity
October 18, 2017 Anatoli PolkovnikovPhase space methods for dynamics of strongly correlated systems
November 1, 2017 Michael ZaletelImaging Anyons with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
November 15, 2017 Markus GreinerAn antiferromagnet in the Hubbard model with ultracold atoms
November 29, 2017 J.C. SeamusVisualizing Orbital-Selective Mottness and Superconductivity
December 13, 2017 Laura H. GreeneThe Topological Kondo Insulator SmB6: Surface States and Bulk Spin Excitons and The Dark Energy of Quantum Materials

Quantum Café is CCQ’s ongoing seminar series: open to all bona fide members of the greater NYC scientific community and held every second week, Quantum Café presents a series of informal, highly interactive talks, typically by external speakers, which present the most interesting recent developments and open questions in our field.

All speakers are scheduled on Wednesday from 2:00-3:30pm and will take place at Math for America, 915 Broadway, 17th floor otherwise noted.

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