3D Nucleome Workshop

Date & Time

The Center for Computational Biology at the Flatiron Institute in New York City will hold a two-day workshop, “The 3D Nucleome”, intended to bring together researchers working in sometimes separated domains of study of the nucleus.

These domains include biophysics, computational biology, mathematical modeling, epigenomics, genetics, and molecular biology. We are hoping for an intimate environment that encourages the free exchange of ideas and discussions of ongoing work.

For a detailed schedule go here.

  • Participants plus--large
    Bassem Al-SadyUniversity of California, San Francisco
    Jan Brugues Max Planck Institute
    Geoff FudenbergUniversity of California, San Francisco
    R.A. GreensteinUniversity of California, San Francisco
    Kotaro KelleyNew York Structural Biology Center
    Wai Lim KuNational Institutes of Health
    Achal MahajanUniversity of California, San Diego
    John MarkoNorthwestern University
    Leonid MirnyMassachusetts Institute of Technology
    Clodagh O'SheaSalk Institute
    Thomas QuailMax Planck Institute
    Bing RenUniversity of California, San Diego
    Kevin RenMassachusetts Institute of Technology
    David SaintillanUniversity of California, San Diego
    Helmut SchiesselLeiden University
    Alice SherrardSalk Institute
    Max StallerWashington University St. Louis
    Clarice Kit Yee HongWashington University St. Louis
    Keji ZhaoNational Institutes of Health
    Alexandra ZidovskaNew York University
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