CCA/CUNY/AMNH Intern Symposium

Date & Time

CCA/CUNY/AMNH Intern Symposium

Join organizers Kelle Cruz, Tim Paglione, and Greg Bryan for the CCA/CUNY/AMNH Intern Symposium at the Flatiron Institute

Wednesday, August 4

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Reception to follow.

For more information and updates please navigate to our event page here.

  • Location plus--large

    The Center for Computational Astrophysics (CCA) is located at 162 5th Avenue. The entrance to the Flatiron Institute is on 21st Street.


    Please check in with security upon entering the building; you will need to show your ID and proof of vaccination status for entrance into the building, and please have the health screening questionnaire completed prior to arrival as well.
  • Speaker's Listplus--large

    Charles Lee-Georgescu
    Destiny Howell
    Ella Hort
    Hanh-Tu (Ella) Do
    Jahmel Saltus
    John Meftah
    Kaitlyn (Katie) Goss
    Kayla Docher
    Keisi Kacanja
    Lauryn Williams
    Lenin Nolasco
    Marcus Dormena
    Mary Jimenez
    Maya Merchant
    Mohammad Refat
    Nachi Torres
    Rheanna F. Fleming
    Samin Mahmood
    Sarah Medina
    Shawn Blackman
    Sophia L. Miskiewicz

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