CCA Colloquium: Kaitlin Kratter

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CCA Colloquium: Kaitlin Kratter

Title: The origins of planets and the stars they orbit.

Abstract: A satisfying theory for star or planet formation should not consider these processes in isolation. Leveraging advances in computations and large observational surveys, we are well positioned to test detailed theoretical models of stellar system formation across diverse galactic environments. We are beginning to couple our understanding of the earliest phases of star formation with the onset of planetary system formation, considering the growth of planets embedded in their natal disks. In this talk I will review joint constraints on planet formation and star formation. I will highlight how broad demographic trends inform our understanding of the importance of different physical mechanisms. Finally, I will illustrate the outsize impact of small dust grains on the detectability and early evolution of young planets.

April 21, 2023

Kaitlin Kratter: The Origins of Planets, and the Stars They Orbit

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