CCN 2023 Workshop on Calcium & Voltage Imaging Analysis

Date & Time

CaImAn is an open-source software platform that provides optimized and scalable routines to process imaging data with the goal of extracting the activity of each neuron. CaImAn handles multiple imaging modalities (voltage, calcium, endoscopic, multiphoton, volumetric) and analysis settings (batch/offline vs online/real-time). Mesmerize is a new organizational and visualization framework that allows for efficient and streamlined analysis using CaImAn algorithms, and enables users with minimal programming experience to use CaImAn effectively. CaImAn is very popular among neuroscientists world-wide, but its widespread dissemination, the efficient use of its routines, and the opportunities provided by Mesmerize, require access to training opportunities. We will address this challenge by establishing a workshop at the Flatiron Institute, Simons Foundation. Application deadline: November 6, 2022.

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