CCN Seminar with Ed Ott (University of Maryland)

Date & Time

Flatiron Institute community members are cordially invited to a CCN Seminar with Ed Ott , Distinguished University Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics, at University of Maryland. 

If you would like to meet with him while he is here, please reach out to Jessica Hauser at [email protected].

Title: Emergent Behavior in Large Systems of Many Coupled Oscillatory Dynamical Units

Abstract: We consider a class of models in which many coupled heterogeneous oscillatory dynamical systems are coupled. This general class has broad interest in the modeling of many diverse situations in biology, physics and engineering. We show that, in certain nontrivial situations, such systems admit exact low dimensional macroscopic descriptions. In this talk we illustrate the theory using the simple example of the Kuramoto Model and discuss applications in several examples.

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