CCN Seminar with Timothy Dunn (Duke)

Date & Time

Please join us for a CCN Seminar with Timothy DunnAssistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery at Duke. 

TitleQuantitative profiling of rodent behavior in individuals and during social interaction
Abstract: Animal behavior is primarily conveyed by movement, and thus a basic understanding of the biology of behavior hinges on the ability to measure how animals move. Movement is also intimately linked to brain health and provides a window into nervous system disorders. In this talk, I will present our recent work to build computer vision tools for 3D movement quantification in individuals and social groups, with a focus on rodents. We trained and benchmarked these tools using large ground-truth 3D pose datasets (Rat 7M and PAIR-R24M) that we acquired via motion capture. I will also summarize how we are using 3D behavioral measurements to improve the sensitivity of drug and disease phenotyping.

Organizer: Center for Computational Neuroscience


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