FI Computational Methods and Data Science Journal Club: Miles Cranmer

Date & Time

FI Computational Methods and Data Science Journal Club

Flatiron Institute, 162 5th Avenue

Speaker: Miles Cranmer (CCA/Princeton)

Title: Interpretable Machine Learning for Science

Abstract:  Would Kepler have discovered his laws if machine learning had been around in 1609? Or would he have been satisfied with the accuracy of some black box regression model, leaving Newton without the inspiration to find the law of gravitation? In this talk I will present a review of some industry-oriented machine learning algorithms, and discuss a major issue facing their use in the natural sciences: a lack of interpretability. I will then outline several approaches I have created with collaborators to help address these problems, based largely on a mix of structured deep learning and symbolic methods. I will conclude by demonstrating applications of such techniques and how we may gain new insights from such results.

Attendee Instructions:

FI employees are welcome to attend in person. Please email for the Zoom link if you wish to attend remotely.

Visitors (w/out an FI badge) please email to be registered to the building or to obtain Zoom information. All visitors must be vaccinated for entry into our buildings.

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